1. Free Trial Session
    1. Prospective students are entitled to one free trial session.
    2. The offer of a free trial session does not constitute an offer of a place.
    3. A place may be offered following the free trial session at the sole discretion of Tomorrow’s Talent.
  2. Fees
    1. Following the free trial session fees are calculated pro rata for the remainder of the first term.
    2. Fees are charged per term and there are no reductions or refunds for missed classes due to sickness, holidays or any other reason except in exceptional circumstances at the sole discretion of Tomorrow’s Talent.
    3. Fee tariffs are reviewed annually in September. Up to date tariffs will be published on the Tomorrow’s Talent website.
    4. All fees are non-refundable.
  3. Payments
    1. Fees for the first term must be paid in advance.
    2. Subsequent terms may be paid for in monthly instalments by direct debit upon request to, and at the sole discretion of, Tomorrow’s Talent.
  4. Cancellation
    1. Cancellation of a place must be made in writing by email to: mail@tomorrowstalent.co.uk
    2. Cancellation will be effective from the end of the term in which written notice is received.
    3. Fees for a cancelled place are non-refundable.
  5. Students
    1. Students must follow all instructions and rules including those in relation to punctuality, presentation and behaviour. Failure to do so will constitute a breach of these terms and conditions.
    2. If a student is persistently disruptive on or around the Tomorrow’s Talent premises (“Studio Premises”), whether before, during or after classes, Tomorrow’s Talent reserves the right to exclude that student on a temporary or permanent basis at its sole discretion.
    3. After an initial period of two weeks, all students must wear the appropriate uniform (as set out in the offer of a place) except with the prior written consent of the Creative Director.
    4. All items of clothing must be clearly labelled with the student’s name.
    5. Long hair should be neatly tied back for all classes.
    6. Students may bring light refreshments to classes but fizzy drinks are not permitted.
    7. You understand and agree that teachers at Tomorrow’s Talent may use tactile feedback and instruction with students to support verbal feedback and instruction where appropriate. This is to ensure safe dance practice.
    8. A basic first aid kit is kept on the premises and staff members at Tomorrow’s Talent may administer basic first aid to students if necessary whilst a student is on the Studio Premises.  However, to the fullest extent permitted by law (and subject to clause 7.iii), teachers and Tomorrow’s Talent shall not be responsible for any injuries or accidents taking place on the Studio Premises that are outside our reasonable control.
    9. If a student needs to take any of their own medication, whether self-administered or otherwise, whilst on the Studio Premises Tomorrow’s Talent must be informed in writing. In any event, Tomorrow’s Talent accepts no responsibility for administering such medication (and/or the effects of the same) and the student’s parent/guardian assumes full responsibility.
    10. Tomorrow’s Talent reserves the right to permit the recording and photographing of students by staff (or by third party photographers or filming companies on behalf of Tomorrow’s Talent) and audience members during an open class, show or event.
    11. Tomorrow’s Talent reserves the right where appropriate to record or photograph students for educational purposes.
    12. Tomorrow’s Talent reserves the right, where appropriate and permission has been given, to record or photograph students for marketing purposes.
  6. Parents and guardians (all references to “parent(s)” include guardians)
    1. It is the responsibility of parents to ensure and be satisfied that students are fit and healthy to attend classes at Tomorrow’s Talent.
    2. Parents should ensure that students are punctual for classes and are collected promptly at the end of classes. Tomorrow’s Talent front desk staff must be notified before the start of the class if a student will be collected by someone else.
    3. Students are not permitted to leave the premises unless accompanied by an adult.
    4. In the event a known absence will occur, parents should notify Tomorrow’s Talent via email or text message prior to the start of the class.
    5. Smoking and alcohol are strictly prohibited on the premises.
    6. Parents are responsible for all non-student minors on the premises. Children under the age of 11 years must not be left unaccompanied on the premises.
    7. Parents are responsible for ensuring the personal contact details of pupils are up to date. Any change of information should be communicated in writing by email to: mail@tomorrowstalent.co.uk.
    8. Tomorrow’s Talent will not tolerate threatening or aggressive behaviour for any reason, including where staff are attempting to enforce these terms and conditions. Tomorrow’s Talent reserves the right at its absolute discretion to immediately terminate the contract between you and Tomorrow’s Talent if in Tomorrow’s Talent’s opinion a parent or guardian of a student acts in a threatening, aggressive or otherwise inappropriate manner towards any member of Tomorrow’s Talent staff, any student or other parent or third party.  In the event of any such termination, Tomorrow’s Talent shall have no further liability whatsoever to you.
    9. These terms and conditions are enforced pursuant to applicable laws and the licence terms on which Tomorrow’s Talent is able to run classes at the Studio Premises as well as for the amenity of other users of the Studio Premises.  If any parent fails to follow these terms and conditions or attempts to prevent any Tomorrow’s Talent staff member from seeking or attempting to enforce these terms and conditions, Tomorrow’s Talent reserves the right immediately to terminate the contract with you and/or exclude your child from attending further classes at Tomorrow’s Talent on a temporary or permanent basis, without further liability to you.
  7. Liability
    1. Subject to clause 7.iii, Tomorrow’s Talent accepts no liability for any injuries sustained whilst participating in a dance class or on the Studio Premises.
    2. Subject to clause 7.iii, Tomorrow’s Talent accepts no responsibility for loss or damage of personal belongings or property whilst on the Studio Premises. This includes venue car parks.
    3. Nothing in these terms and conditions shall in any way limit Tomorrow’s Talent’s liability for fraud or fraudulent misrepresentation or for death or personal injury caused by its negligence, or any other liability which cannot be excluded at law.
  8. Other Information
    1. If you have any questions, recommendations and requests about any of the classes, facilities or services Tomorrow’s Talent provides, an email should be sent to: mail@tomorrowstalent.co.uk.  A response will be given within 28 days, using the contact details provided in your initial email.
    2. Additional rules and guidelines or updates to these terms and conditions may be published from time to time on the Tomorrow’s Talent website and emailed. Your child’s continuing attendance at Tomorrow’s Talent will amount to acceptance of such updated terms and conditions.
    3. Please note that if any parent or student is in material or persistent breach of any of these terms and conditions, Tomorrow’s Talent reserves the right immediately to terminate the contract with you and/or exclude your child from attending further classes at Tomorrow’s Talent on a temporary or permanent basis, without further liability to you.